Where is "Show Filter View" button ?

I’m trying to remove numerous continuous controller events from my project,
and I researched manual. P.381 says “Clicking the ‘Show Filter View’ button
on the tool bar opens…etc…” and it shows a small picture of the button.
Not on my Cubase 5. I have looked and looked. Can’t find it.

Can someone point it out to me?

Did you try right-clicking on the toolbar and seeing if it’s selected to show?

I’ve tried right-clicking, selecting ‘Show All’
I’ve tried looking thru the list. I’ve tried ‘Set-up’
I’ve tried looking thru Preferences.
I’ve minutely, excruciatingly looked in every possible detail
for this little sucker, and I have to admit… it wins.
It just does not exist on my Cubase 5 !