Where is Steinberg support ?


I’m really angry with the lack of support of Steinberg.

I’m a registered user of Halion Sonic for years and i’ve been using it without problems until the day i upgraded to Halion Sonic 2.

Since then a lot of instruments simply does not load anymore and the VST keeps forcing close my DAW (Ableton) when i try to open a new project using the VST.

I tried to get support in MySteinberg area, but it keeps redirecting me to another page that redirects to a guy in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and this guy takes weeks to reply and really doesn’t help at all.

I live in Brazil and trust me, everything imported here costs an eye and i really think it’s a total disrespect not having a good support.

I don’t want to contact support in Brazil because it sucks, i want to contact a qualified support no problem if it will be in english by email, chat or forum. I just need my Halion Sonic working again. I paid for an upgrade and got only problems since then.

How can i really get support ?

Thanks in advance !

Dear Discorules,

I am sorry to hear that you are angry with the tech support.

Eduardo Sterman is our new support technican for Brasil and we are happy that he is helping our customers from Brazil.
Please use the official way to get in contact with Mr. Sterman.
He will answer your support request asap - but: first come, first served.