Where is stereo out visibility?

I know that I can find it if I open my main mixer and click the Master track/ stereo out button then hit the Write automation
enable button.

However that seems very odd that there is not a feature that let’s me see my stereo out/master track on my main project page without that odd workaround.

There should be a button on the main project page that allows me to see or hide that track


You can also click to the W (Write Enable/Disable) button in the task bar of the Project window.

I’ve always thought that was odd.

I guess as part of your template you could have the stereo out already displayed.

I did that with the template:)

What do you use it for in the project window ?
Just curious.

Fading the song out (i.e. Automating the main out fader).

I like to add plugins in that window
Without going through the mixer section first