Where is that pitchbend coming from?

Hello, this is a relatively new issue where instuments (synth, piano etc) won’t stay in tune. It is very erratic. I use an M-Audio Keystation49 keyboard, have unplugged it and plugged it back, but generally it is normal. I say this (ie there is no irregularity with the external keyboard, nor anything touching the pitch wheel) as I see what looks like a midi ‘event’ when the disparity occurs, on the daw. It appears as a vertical line - from absolutely nowhere - and you can actually see the pitch bend move on the virtual instrument. Sometimes I will lay down a performance, play back, it’s fine: play it again and… it is out of tune! It’s almost like something else imposes the midi event.

Do I need to call a priest?

Would anyone have any thoughts?

Cubase Elements 10.0.40, running on Mac 10.13.6

Your keyboard could be sending the midi messages. Mine does that too sometimes.

Is the track record armed or monitored? If it is then it responds to any incoming midi messages as well as those already recorded.

Hello, thanks for this. No, not armed. It literally will just change, as if it received a later instruction. I when I press play I can see the virtual pitch bend move too.

Below shows an instance: the vertical mark seems to be the ‘instruction’ to change pitch. I did not put this in. If I double click to look at the notes etc I will see no other detail of this btw. It’s only on this view of the daw.

I am wondering if it’s the mac and the age of the daw too: I bet if I upgraded both then no issues but then again if that was the answer then there’d never be any problems ha ha.

If you double click the part it should open the key editor where you see the notes and velocity. But you can also add another controller lane and set it to pitchbend or any other cc.

I would check for pitchbend events.

Thanks. If I double click I just see notes and velocity. I will look into this added controller lane but I don’t know why they would have changed. I feel it’s a bug. Steinberg support do not reply.

I don’t know if this could be useful to you. I had a similar problem before with my Novation Impulse keyboard. I thought the problem came from Cubase and HALion SE, but that was not the case.

My keyboard was randomly sending Pitch Bend and Modulation data. After updating the drivers to the latest versions, nothing had changed.

With MIDI-Ox, I was able to confirm that it was the keyboard that was the problem.

I contacted Novation and the response I received was that given the age of the keyboard (10+), this kind of issue could occur and there was nothing that could be done. So I changed my controller for a new and recent one.

Thanks Rene, thanks Misohoza.

re the VSTs, yes! Have one that does marimba sounds and that went out of tune too.

So it will be the keyboard. I will contact M-Audio.


my post got removed again, and the moderator said my post didn’t help you at all.

This is simply ridiculous.

I offered you some ways to troubleshoot the issue and gave you possible explanations to the problem.

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Fake Natty I can see you on email but not here: just to say no, I am not applying pitch bend. It just happens from nowhere/goes out of tune. I can see the virtual pitch bend move on the VST but I ain’t doing it.

You mentioned that when you record MIDI, you don’t hear the pitch bend, but after the MIDI is recorded, you see the pitch bend event recorded? This is weird, because usually, pitch bend will be heard when you record it.

totally agree.

do you have another other DAW to test this with?

If you can use another DAW to record MIDI and see if unwanted pitch bend is also recorded, it will help clear up a lot of confusion.

Good suggestion! No, I don’t but thanks!

@Dames_B did you open a pitchbend lane in the Key Editor to check? This is what needs to be done.

If you are using Cubase Pro you can also view the data in the List Editor (MIDI menu), which shows all midi messages in a long list.

hmm okay…

this whole issue seems like there is either something we’re missing that’d easily solve the issue, or it’s unsolvable and just needs updated hardware/software to operate correctly.

I’ve never used elements, but like someone said, you should be able to delete the pitch bend data in the key editor. If you can delete it, does playing back the track still trigger pitch bend to occur?

If you insert a new track and record midi, does the pitch bend get recorded in the same way? Or do you get a different set of pitch bend data?

A new track, duplicate tracks, I’ve tried them all and it is just unpredictable. It comes from nowhere, completely indiscriminate. I looked at the website of the physical keyboard manufacturer and there’s no apparent fix (ie simply plugs in). Thanks again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yea, at this point. The best thing to try next is to use a free trial of some other DAW to see if the problem persists.

It can be hardware issue, cable issue, driver issue, if not any other issue related to DAW or plugin.

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Thanks: I can’t see List Editor under the Midi menu (maybe Elements is limited) and I don’t know how to create a controller lane/pitchbend lane… any instruction would be appreciated.

Well, no.

There’s only one thing you should do now: Try to find the Pitchbend message in the controller lanes of the Key Editor and delete it.

Have a look at the image below. The arrows are pointing to icons you can click on with your mouse.

Click on them and observe what their function is. Use them, and explore the interface.

Thanks Steve, found it on my version indeed.

How annoying and time consuming is this issue. I have to say again: it’s not me creating it, whatever ‘it’ is. Now, thanks to you, I can delete this instruction, and then I go back and manually neutralise the virtual pitch bend (it is always up, usually a semitone, never down btw) and hope it sticks. That last part REALLY annoys me. Hello @steinberg

Imagine if I designed a fashion layout using dedicated software and hope that the faces don’t turn purple when I send it to press?

Certainly no one is suggesting that it is. But note that the program didn’t spontaneously create it either. It came from somewhere, from some physical or virtual device that can produce pitchbend.

No that you’ve learned how to edit in the controller lane, you’ll be better able to troubleshoot.

The next step is to do what @Rene_L was saying:

Except that since you are on MacOS, you would use this midi monitor: snoize: MIDI Monitor

Also, this might be of interest to you: