Where is the BUS we need this..

Starting to get in to routing and recording with cubasis… however when routing multiple audio sources/Track to cubasis it becomes apparent we need a BUS so we can route globally similar tracks for processing…

I would have thought that we could choose to route any channel output to any audio group 3+4 5+6 etc… and then assign any other track input to that group sending its output to 1+2(Main Out)


Track 1---->3+4
Track 2---->3+4
Track 3---->3+4

Track 5---->5+6
Track 6---->5+6
Track 7---->5+6

Track 8 Input 3+4—out---->1+2(Main out) BUS 1
Track 9 Input 5+6—out---->1+2(Main out) BUS 2
(Currently trying to select these outputs are disabled)

any chance we can get this anytime soon


Add my vote for this. Kind of handicaps you when you don’t have all the tools. +100

I know I’m late to the discussion, but I very much agree!

Thanks for your message.
The BUS is on our list for future Cubasis updates.


Have You updated this feature yet?

Did I miss it or is the BUS option not in this update

Hi all,

While the feature is included in our backlog, Cubasis does not support busses as of yet.


It don’t even have to get that complicated or have to implement a dedicated BUS system.
Once we decide to send the output of track 1 to 3+4 in the output section we should then be able to go to any other track and choose 3+4 as its input.
And to keep it simple we could restrict any track that is receiving routing, it’s output would be locked to output 1+2(main)

2 years on still waiting :frowning:


It’s on the list unchanged, but will take more time to come.


Bump! I made my own thread, but its insane this has been on the radar for three years and hasn’t been added. It’s clearly a deliberate decision to not include absolutely foundation level functionality. Maybe they don’t want to poach PC/Mac sales or something.

Hi Dan,

Group tracks are on the list, but it still will take some time until being available in Cubasis.
The next update is in the making, and will add new features.


I have to second this. It’s taking way too long for this important feature. I think the progress on Cubasis in general is too slow. Sorry.