Where is the CMC Fader usb controller?

That is the only one I wanted and went to buy, but I cannot find it? Should I get a used one if SB doesn’t even have it on the site?

I have the CMC-TP, which I got a year and a half ago, and IIRC, they stopped making the whole series shortly after that, so you may have trouble finding one.

I’ve noticed they’re becoming harder to buy but I think you should still be able to buy some at your local music store special order or online.

Yup - what country are you in teknatronik?

I am in the usa in florida :slight_smile:

If they are not making them, then they prob wont support them for windows 10 :frowning:

I was wondering if maybe touch osc would be more benefit? I tried getting the Cubase ic app to work, but could not no matter what. I didn’t want to mess with ip as I have port forwarding and static ip for my router… I was hoping fvor something simple. I have other wireless devices which work no issue, but ic would not.

Mt goal is to move around my room with a volume fader tio hear holes in the mix or anything

No, probably not supported for Windows 10.

The fader units are really hard to find, and they seem to rarely go on sale on eBay. I just ordered one on Amazon from a company based in Japan that ships to the U.S. Just over $100.

Can’t recommend the company yet as I’ve never dealt with them before and the unit is not due to arrive for a few weeks.


I’m probably not supposed to post this here, but . . .
As a service to our valued users:

I have 2 of the FD’s that I want to sell.
Perfect condition with everything.
Replaced them with many MCUs.

I’m in GA, USA.

PM, I guess.


Just to say I have four CMC fader controllers and they work with Windows 10.


All great news guys! ty

I seen one for 50 on sale through amazon. If a forum member has one though, I would try and help them first… I pmed you hugh :slight_smile:

you much prefer the mcu?

Yes, quite.
Cubase has amazing functionality with the MCUs.
Probably owe a debt to the Nuage for that fact.

Much more $$$s, though.

About $1300 US for the master (8 channel) unit.
I paid about $2500 US for my 24 Chan rig.

Way worth it, though.


Sent pm