Where is the COMMUNITY ?

I like this forum.

it has its positives/negatives…

i just wish there was a bit more music being thrown about…

was recently looking for a MIDI device panel, and realised there isn’t a central point to get one… no hub for sharing .vstpresets i;m not lazy and looking for EDM / DEEP HOUSE / CHORD presets. just wish there was of a helping hand ethos.

:blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

thanks jaslan

He says he is NOT looking for chord presets… (I have all 13 of them already programmed :laughing: )
He is looking for MIDI device panels.

Have you checked the website for the relevant product?

hey, imagine you created a really cool chord preset that you would like to share, there isn’t a centralised place to share them…

similar to the Reaktor User Library, would be a really good way to share presets, GA4 kits and channel strips, etc and would, in my opinion increase the community aspect of music making.

i’ve got loads of really cool MIDI loops that i’ve made and stored when i’ve figured out a riff for a track, i usually save them as a midi loop and re-import them whilst using the chord track to alter its key.

the only other solution would be KVR Audio…


Dat’s da place!


They should look at the Native Instruments official online user section. It’s jammed with helpful patches.

only for NI stuff tho…

would be cool if Steinberg could have a hub for their own patches, presets, MIDI panels, etc…

That is what I meant. They (Steinberg) should do it like that also the NI update program is good.