where is the "conform files" command in the pool ?

i try to have all my project files into projects folder without making the backup function. there was “conform files” command in the pool before cubase 10, i can’t find it now ! what has been changed ? a new function is here or steiny mess it with this somehow !!? :unamused:
(cubase 10.5 pro)


This function has been removed.

:confused: Sometimes steinys moves are strange and not understandable!
Is there a new function or action to make sure all used audio files in a project resides in the projects folder?(without making new project like the backup project function)

Prepare Archive is what you’re looking for I believe.

mmm my bad,i had missing file in project and the prepare archive didn’t work until i deleted the missing file, now it works and copied all files out side of projects audio folder to it.