Where is the Cubase Complete Uninstall guide

Having had various versions of Cubase on my hard drive, I’m trying to do a complete Cubase cleanup. I have downloaded the Full Cubase Pro 8.5 Installer from My Steinberg. Going into Windows 10 ‘Programs and Features’ there are 27 items there labelled Steinberg, that’s after uninstalling Cubase 8 and 8.5 main programs. I also have other files left over in my ‘C\Users’ folder non of which were removed when I uninstalled Cubase 8 / 8.5.

I still have Groove Agent 4 and Halion Sonic which I don’t want to mess up, so how do I remove all the extra folders and files left over. I can’t find a proper Uninstall guide in the Steinberg Support site.


I just uninstalled everything that said Steinberg, as well as deleting all files and folders on my hard drive. Downloaded the full versions of my Steinberg software and reloaded it.

Still can’t find a good uninstall guide as just uninstalling the main program leaves so much other litter left on your hard drive.

Like you, I’d like to do a complete uninstall of cubase (on Mac).
Did you find a way? any guide?