Where is the current sweetspot cpuwise?

I last upgraded my mobo/cpu/ram when the Core i7 first hit the market. I bought a Asus 6PTE deluxe version 2 mobo, and a corei7 920 cpu and 12 gig of RAM.
Something is wrong with the PC and it won’t start up. There is power to the mobo, and pressing the two power/reset buttons does not start the machine.
I tried replacing the battery and removing peripherals … no luck.

I think I need to rebuild.

Within a maybe budget around 500-700 UK inc of RAM, can anyone recommend a mobo, RAM and CPU?

The machine is a music machine, running Cubase 8, a lot of VST’s some of which are heavy duty.

I am way out of date, and completely befuzzled by the market.

Would not want less performance than my Corei7 920

thank you all


An i5 4690K should do the job. It’s a fair bit more powerful than your current CPU, it can be overclocked and it’s pretty fairly priced. Anything more powerful than this is much more expensive but not much faster. It’s better to invest on other components IMO.

If you use big sample libraries, look into getting some 1866 or 2133MHz RAM and maybe one or two 7200rpm 1TB HDDs (these seem to be faster than 2TB+ drives), combined they speed up loading times quite nicely.

Good choice of CPU but spinny-type hard drives? Why? SSDs are the way to go - the performance difference is staggering, they are silent and vibration free and they draw less current meaning your power supply will run cooler (and quieter). Two 1TB hard drives will be faster than 1 2TB for several reasons - 1) seek time will be quicker (not an issue with SSDs) 2) the load will be spread across two buses 3) each drive will have its own cache.

The speed of RAM will not make too much difference for DAW applications - buy the slower RAM if it’s significantly cheaper - but more of it.