where is the default template?


where is the .cpr-File from the default and empty Song? (when i create a new song there “default” or “empty” possible)

I would like change the default Template a little bit and save it as default.

Don´t these modern OS not come with a search function anymore, or are people just too [whatever] to use it…?
It’ s In the application data folder…

hmmm, I don’t find it with the OSX Spotlight. There is no .cpr in:
/Users/Stefan/Library/Preferences/Cubase 7/Project Templates or
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Project Templates

In the cubase list are “default” and “empty” at bottom when i create a new project

Its not a .cpr file?

silly you thinkingcap you should of automatically known he was on a MAC :unamused:

yes on Mac, but on windows its the same or, there are no .cpr for “default” or “empty”. right?
I need to create my own default, right?

wrong - there is a " default"

It is located at:

“/Applications/Cubase 7.app/Contents/Project Templates/Default.cpr”

I’ m getting old…

I’ d say this is the user data folderr…?

Year! Thanks all, and SteveInChicago: thanks for your patience and the whole path! It helps me.
Thanks a lot!

Glad to help, but please go to Steinberg Forums and create a signature with your system info.

No need to locate the template file. You can save a new default song from within Cubase by choosing “save as template”.

This is no longer true in Cubase 7. The "Open the On Startup” pop-up menu in preferences is gone from Cubase 7, even though it’s still shown in the manual. (open last file, default, etc.)

Therefore, it does look like there is no advantage to editing the Default.cpr or saving a template with that name on Mac, since you would have to select it in the Project Manager to load it anyway.

On Mac the app folder is a special class, a package and isn’t included in the spotlight (read indexed) file search. It is if you use a 3rd party search like Find Any File.