Where is the Devices menu?

Cubase noob here. I’m trying to attach my MIDI keyboard (Akai MPK249) to my new Cubase 11 Pro install. in Steinberg.help it says " Opening the MIDI Device Manager
Select MIDI Device Manager from the Devices menu to bring up the following window:"
So where is the “Devices menu”?

… and more to the point, so I don’t have to ask question on the forum like this every time, where can I see a list of where a given menu is?

Actually, the option is here :
Studio>More Options>MIDI Device Manager…


Thank you. So now what do I do with it to use my Keyboard?

The Help File in the product at https://steinberg.help/cubase_pro/v11/en/cubase_nuendo/topics/using_midi_devices/midi_devices_using_midi_device_manager_opening_r.html?hl=midi%2Cdevice%2Cmanager

…says, Installed Devices list - Lists the connected MIDI devices and the imported device setups.

It’s blank on mine but my MIDI Port Setup seems to recognize my MIDI keyboard. So now what do I do to have my MIDI keyboard talking to Cubase?

Thanks in advance.