Where is the devices tabs?- Cubebase LE Al Elements Trial-

Hello all,

Brand new to cubase, can’t seem to find any help here or google so far, so I’m posting this question!

I downloaded the 30 day trial for Cubase elements. I’m trying to connect my USB audio interface to record some vocals and guitar. Every instructional video or forum I look at says to go to the Devices menu, but I don’t have a devices menu! Is it missing, or does this menu just not exist with the trial? Or am I totally missing something? haha

Any advice? thanks!

In the latest version of CB most of the items that were in the “Devices” menu are now found in the “Studio” menu. Other than that, the hookup is pretty much the same procedure.

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So, where exactly would Quick Controls be found now? All the help I find says to go to Devices, but now that’s not there. I’ve looked in the Studio, but not there either. Thanks!

If you are looking for the QC definition, you can find it in the Studio menu


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:eyes: !! Thanks so much, P.A.T