Where is the download link

I have upgraded my PC to Windows 8
I need to reinstall my Cubase 6
This thing is too complicated . Where is the download link?

Also I live in Korea but I am not Korean so I want to get English support however in my Steinberg every time
I click on support request I am given an email address and site in Korea. How can I get support from English speaking people in Steinberg in future?


I’m afraid, there is no Cubase 6 full installer, now. There are updates only.

There was Cubase 6 Trial, which was the full installer. But, there is not this Trial version, now. There is Cubase 7 Trial only. On the ftp.steinberg.net, there is Cubase 5 Trial only, not Cubase 6 Trial at this moment.

I’m afraid, the only one option is to instal it from the original instal disc.

I’m not sure how to contact the english-speaking people in Steinbreg support. I’m official local technical support for Steinberg (1st line technical support for end users and other resellers). So if my english is good enough for you, you can contact me directly, if you want. :wink: Use PM, for example.

Oh man :slight_smile:

Why life is so complicated ? :cry:

Please see the attached screen shot this is what I have installed now on my new
Windows 8 PC and all I want is to use my software :blush:

That is Cubase elements 6, not Cubase 6. Since you probably had it installed under a different OS before, it will now run for 30 days IIRC, until then you´ll have to reactivate the software, as explained in your mysteinberg account. to run it unrestricted.

That seems to completely suck.


Forget it. I am wasting my time