Where is the drumstick button on 8.5?

Hello…I have just upgraded cubase from 7.5 to 8.5. Im setting up a template now and i have just fixed the drums. I wanted to make a simple thing as turn the ez drummer channel into a drumtrack. usually i just hit the drumstick button on the channel. BUT i cant for my life not find it anymore…have they moved it someware now since 7.5 or what have i done wrong. I know it must be a silly thing so its a bit embarrysing to ask of this. But it takes me alot of time to try to find it and i want to use this time for making music :slight_smile: :open_mouth:


I was not aware of a “drumstick” button in Cubase. Was this button actually in Cubase 7.5 or EZD?

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You might mean the drum map. Right click the track and select “track control settings”

Are you possibly speaking of the ‘drumstick’ tool in the Drum editor? I believe by default Cubase opens the ‘Key Editor’. You can change that in preferences or open it from the MIDI tab up top.

If you wish to change the default then go to File>Preferences…Event Display>MIDI and select ‘Open Drum Editor’ as the Default Edit Action. Then when you double click on a MIDI event it will open the Drum Editor.

Yes now we talking :slight_smile:
Thank you for taking time and answer all…gr8

other solution

  • select a drum map with the drumtrack (is very convenient with the GA4se) and
    — with a double click on the event, it will open the drumeditor (including the famous “drumstick” :wink:)