Where Is The "E" On FX In The Sends Rack?

Hi there ,Where Is The “E” On FX slot In The Sends Rack? in 8.5 ,is there an option to show the “e” .it slows thing s up massivly when sidchaining stuff ,i need to check the reaction of the side chained effect when in use . thanks

If I understand you correctly I think the closest thing is to right click and “edit effect”

ta for your reply ,yes i know that one ,but that is two moves where as in 6.5 i could do it in one move . there is a distinct lack of “E”`s in this version .

So one extra mouse click is considered “slowing things massively” nowadays :wink:

Maybe there’ll be more E’s in Cubase 9.

You can also alt-doubleclick at the location in the pic below…

Ahh…nice one.

It’s not like alt single click or even just a single click does something else at this location so I wonder why they made it require both a double click and a modifier key!

Hm… actually, you can alt-dblclick anywhere on the send. I don’t know why I didn’t notice that earlier. And, indeed, I don’t know, or remember if I ever knew :confused: why a dbl click is needed.

In fact, I am seeing a bit of a bug here, on Mac OS X 10.9.5… the double-click does work, but it also toggles the function that would normally happen with a single, non-modifier click (e.g. alt-double-click in the center of the field, and it will open the FX GUI, but also toggle Pre/Post). Here, it is safer to alt-double-click on the value field, just below (doesn’t disturb the current value).

Wouldn’t it be swell if Steinberg…somewhere in that huge pdf, listed all the Key Modifiers on one page? Or 2 pages if one isn’t enough? It seems to me, there are so many…and a lot of “wow I didn’t know you could do that” stuff with “secret” key modifiers. In C8.5 for midi and drum editing, there are a bunch of new ones…or at least ones I have never heard of before. I’m addressing key modifiers, not key commands which I think are listed somewhere.

GN was going to try to obtain or develop a list, but that never happened.

Then once the list is complete…keep it updated!

Sounds like the results of scaling the size of the mixer/racks… At certain time they become essentially un-viewable.


if you switch the “sends” view to “inserts” view on the mixer the fx have the “e” .on them.
if you open up the track editor the racks are much bigger but still no “e” on the sends fx.
and when i hold alt/ double click to open fx on the sends it toggles pre/post plus the pre/post colors are a bit confusing. ta