Where is the 'Edit in Wavelab' button in the menu?

I am on the SL 7 30 days trial version of SL 7.
I am watching the SpectraLayers Live Session August 22, 2020, and was willing to test the workflow from SL to WL, but when I go to Edit in the menu, all is see is 'Edit in…" and when I click it opens, the Preference menu! But no option to open in Wavelab.
Any idea?

When the Preferences open, you’ll see 3 Path to External Editor fields at the bottom.
Just define the first to point to the WaveLab app : click Browse, go to Applications, and select WaveLab.
Then click ok, and you’ll see the Edit menu entry at the bottom changed to Edit in WaveLab.

I believe that you you have to set that up in Edit > Preferences > System > External.

OMG, totally make sense now.
and it’s in the manual, page 59.
Thanks both!