Where is the Envelope tab in WaveLab 9.5

In the manual, it shows that version 9.5 (9.5.50) has an envelope tab, but I don’t have one??? The tabs I have are: File, View, Edit, Insert, Process, Correction, Spectrum, Analyze, and Render. I’ve set “force plugin search for plugins” on restart and that didn’t work. There’s probably something I’m overlooking. Thanks.

It sounds like you are looking in the Audio Editor, but the Envelope and Envelope Tab is for Clips in the Audio Montage.

That said, the Audio Editor does have a different Envelope option:

I think the Audio Montage is what you’re looking for though.

Hey thanks, that’s really helpful. But I still don’t know where the montage window is? This is all I see.

WaveLab has two main workspaces. Audio Editor, and Audio Montage. You have the Audio Editor open.

More info here: