Where is The Grand SE Trial


I purchase the Cubase 7 UD1 to upgrade my Cubase from 6.5 to 7.

I have enclosed in the box a card called “Information On Additional Trial Versions” and it includes serial numbers for a number of other products including The Grand 3 SE Trial and Halion Symphonic Orchestra Trial / VST Instrument Sound Set.

I have entered the serial number for The Grand SE Trial and it has been downloaded to my e-licensor but I cannot find the software anywhere on either of the 3 discs. The Cubase 7 Install DVD, The Halion Sonic SE Content or Additional Trial Versions DVD.

Am I missing something here, can anyone help me in terms of locating these two trial versions of the software?



You can download them from the steinberg archives if they’re not on any disk, fairly sure the symphonic orchestra loads into halionsonic these days, not so sure about Grand 3 as never tried it.