Where is the Halion 5 Library on OSX

I want to access the library bank directly. Can someone tell me where it defaults to under OSX?

just to clarify, I know where the presets folder is, I’m looking for the sample content.

Macintosh HD/Library/Applicationsupport/steinberg/Content/halion/vstsound

However, the files are encrypted and will only be accessible through the Halion browser or Cubase Mediabay.

Thanks Whirly. I ended up exporting the banks, processing in WaveLab and then reimporting.

I myself do not have HALion 5 Library I have the HALion 4 Library
even though I have H5 , Im assuming this is normal as the name of the library
was never change from 4 to 5… Hopefully some one could clarify this for me just in case

Let me assure you, your H5 is normal :wink: