Where is the info that tells you where sample is on timeline

Exactly that… I am definitely missing something obvious but in C7.0 I was able to see what time in my project my audio/midi samples started and ended. 7.5 default doesn’t seem to show that info on the top of the project screen.

Did the info line config somehow get screwed up? You can right-click to reconfigure. w

That’s the first thing I checked and there’s nothing to add that specific information when I bring up the view tool to reconfigure.

Well what are you seeing there?

I am seeing only project information such as bit rate and kHz, etc. nothing specific to the audio event when I mouse click on it.

That’s the status line. You need the info line, shift-f2 click box

Yep that was it. Why not include it in the default setup like every other version?..whatever I’m back in business. Thanks :smiley: