Where is the installer?

Hello folks.

Is it me or is downloading Cubase becoming more and more complicated with every release?
Where is the cubase 8.5 installer?

I can´t find it. The support section on the website says:

“With Cubase Pro 8.5 registered in your MySteinberg account you can find all necessary files for a complete installation under “My products” -> “Downloads”.”

However, there is no “Downloads” button in there. There is a button that says “enter download access code”… what the hell is that?? The guys at the store only gave me an activation code for the software.

Can someone explain in plain english how to get to the “download” button. Because apparently Steinberg can´t.

Please help! I want to reimage my pc but need to get the installer first.

Trying to install and register/activate/license ANYTHING from Steinberg is a GIGANTIC pain in the ass. I don’t know how a company with such cutting edge software can have such a dated and incompetent install, register/activate/license paradigm.

Why haven’t they moved to an online installer that does all of the work for you?

I have Sonar and it is now installed via an online installer, once you sign into your account.

Reason has the same thing. So does Toontrack and XLN.

I’ve been trying for FOUR DAYS just to install the ENTIRE Cubase and I STILL can’t get it to install.

When I log into MySteinberg account the first thing I see on the “My Products” page is all the software I have registered. Just above that “Software Tab” are other tabs (eLicensers, Downloads, Vouchers). These tabs are located just below the (3) big red buttons. Click on the “Download” tab and hopefully your software with the full installer will be listed.

If not… maybe you never registered your software or there is some other issue which will require a support ticket. If necessary submit one while in your MySteinberg account (in the My Support section) or call them if there is a number for your location.

Regards :sunglasses:

Have you already downloaded the 8.5 license to the USB elicenser that is registered in your mySteinberg account?

What Prock said. I’ve been with Cubase since 6, I’m now on 8.5, and I’ve always upgraded to each new version when it comes out. I always do clean installs with anything other than maintenance updates, and I’ve never had an issue with installs or activations. The full install file has always been readily available on my MySteinberg.

Frankly, I’d rather not have an “auto” installer. I want as much control over the install process as I can get, particularly when it comes to where things install. I realize I’m probably in the minority on that one, but I’m very particular about how my machines are setup, and how I maintain them. I have multiple studio machines, and consistency between those machines is extremely important to me.