Where is the Jog Wheel? (8.5 Pro 64-Bit)

In upgrading from Pro 8 to 8.5, I’ve decided to make the move from 32-bit to 64-bit. Suddenly the jog wheel is gone from the transport panel (it was there in 8.0.3, not sure about 32-bit 8.5). I’ve found ONE reference to this in the forum, but ZERO responses. Was it removed for some reason? Is my situation (and the other guy’s) an anomaly?

If the jog wheel is still available, will someone please tell me how to access it? I can’t find any mention of it in the manual.


Jog wheel as a GUI Controller is not available in Cubase 8.5 anymore. Of course, you can still use any HW Jog Wheel. Did you use it? How (it’s pretty hard to do the circle rotation movement by the mouse, isn’t it?)?

Hi Martin,

you made my day! :slight_smile: - “circular movement with the mouse”… hahahahah… you are NOT serious, or are you?

There are tons of Rotary GUI Elements in cubase… and… if you look at the yamaha motif Editor you can see how pretty and practical the “Translation” between “linear” and “Rotary” can be on a gui.

So to sum up: your Argument is nicely meant, but it cannot cover the tremendous stupidity that plagued the Steinberg developers when they removed the Jog wheel from the Transport bar.


It wasn’t possible to use the up/down or Left/right mouse move to control the Jog wheel. You really had to use the circular movement.

Of course, you can still control it from any hardware.

Did anyone actually use the jog wheel? :laughing:


With mouse - never ever.

I always wondered how anyone could find that jog wheel GUI useable?

Hi all, the logic behind Steinberg’s step to remove the jogwheel is STILL strange (at least). It would have been much more Logical to have the jogwheel gui-element behave meaningfully, i.e. translate “vertical or horizontal” mouse moves to Rotation. Just like any other Rotary gui control works. Instead of repairing the Thing they simply removed it. This is like you buy a tv set and the Screen does not work and as a reaction the manufacturer removes the Screen at all.



Yeah, the truth is I didn’t use is very often. Once in awhile, but mostly it was clumsy and difficult to use. So, on one of the rare occasions when I actually want to use it, and suddenly it’s not there…

I agree with Elien’s comment - I wish they had improved it rather than just removing it. But honestly it’s not that much of a loss.

Just as a side note what Steinberg is calling Jog Left and Jog Right in the key commands is really scrub left and scrub right. They have the proper names indicated with Jog, Shuttle and Scrub on the CC121 pop-up settings though, probably just an oversight with all the commands in there.

Folks… FACT IS that it is totaly meaningless if one user doesn’t see why others need a JOG WHEEL or if a mouse does turns or not! I NEED THAT JOG WHEEL and I bet others NEED IT AS WELL!!! How can a software like cubase 9 pro have no Jog wheel?? When I scrub I always have a hard time to find that exact position where I need to edit… and I do not want to get a hardware scrub wheel because I have spent all my money already on cubase!!! Pleas Steinberg… put that Jog wheel on the Transport again… you made such a great software… but it’s like having a Ferrari without a Tachometer!! Thats impossible…

I use the jog wheel, and a need the jog wheel… my question is: how can anyone NOT need a jog wheel??? And i really really hope the steinberg puts back that jog wheel… wether you can or not use it with a mouse is an entirely other question: fact is that i have a mix wher one track is not fully edited because i do not have this jog wheel…!!!

Just use the ruler at the top of the project window to move the cursor with your mouse like everyone else?

Wow. Innovative excuse for not finishing work. I’ll have to remember that. :wink:

Also, note that you can create key commands for jog left and jog right.

I miss the jog wheel

It is not coming back. Please grieve for it in a healthy way. Then move on, perhaps by assigning key commands to Transport>Jog Left and Transport>Jog Right.

The main use for jog wheel wasn’t to move a bit to the left or to the right. I could listen to the waveforms at double or triple speed, so I could check the arrangement order in the song much faster… The commands Transport>Jog Left/Right don’t help me with that.

The variable speed commands are the Transport>Shuttle commands, which can also be assigned to keystrokes.