Where is the KB Preference Files in Detail?


Hi - I think the url above used to open a list of each item in the preference file - description, how to change/store/protect it, etc.

But now, it opens up to a different page than I remember.

And when I enter terms in the KB search dialog, I can’t bring it up either.

Can anyone point me to the page I’m thinking of please :laughing: ?

Thanks for any help!

If you had just put the word preferences into KB search you would easily have found it.


Actually, I did … and the generic page came up …

And - the url in my OP above, which was linked to some generic page at the time I made the post, now works great.

Some kind of change in the last few hours, I guess Steinberg server was having lunch. All good now - thanks, I may n never have gone back to “check again”!

Too bizarre - now, just a few moments later, on the same two different computers everything worked fine on just a few moments ago, Grim’s url, mine in the OP, and putting “Preferences” in the KB search engine is routed to … the same generic page that prompted my OP again … it’s like the target page has changed in the last few moments, and twice in the last few hours? (Sorry for the non-techy language).

Last time posting on this one until I hear back from someone (Steinberg)?

I checked two moments ago, and the links were, glory be, active once again. Learning from experience I quickly opened up the detailed KB article, and shot a quick .pdf of it.

One moment later I closed it down, and went to reopen it … and once more, it was an ex-link, very parrot-like, not opening anything but the generic “empty” page (no KB Preference details at all).

I guess the Steinberg server is acting goofy, either that or all the computers and mobile devices in my house are.

I did notice there was no preference file for the MixConsole in the pages that opened up briefly … I wonder if it wasn’t the most current version of the KB article that opened up?

You’re right…seems like the pages are constantly shifting…as for the most current version, I don’t think it’s been updated in a few years.