Where is the link to buy HS3 or H6

Hi guys,

Sorry if I’m being a bit dumb, but where is the link to bus HS3 or H6?

When I select the link to buy it from the H6 page I’m directed to the page for H5, I’ll probably go for HS3 depending on the price, but I just can’t seem to find it. https://www.steinberg.net/en/shop/buy_product/product/halion-5.html

Incidentally, I ‘can’ buy H6 and HS3 from JRR Shop, but this doesn’t seem to offer an upgrade path (Currently have C9 and HS2); I would rather buy the software from Steinberg obviously.

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George Wood

It’s not available yet. Feb 9, I think.

Thanks for the speedy reply,

Well that makes more sense; perhaps Steinberg could make this clearer instead of having an option to ‘buy’ the software on the product page.

Do we know if the upgrade price has been given? I currently have HS2 and will probably go for HS3 unless the upgrade to H6 isn’t too painful.

If I did upgrade to HALion 6, would that include HS3 as part of the package?

Many thanks,

George Wood

All these questions are answered in these forum topics.