Where is the midi channel list.

On the project page the midi tracks are not listed with their midi channels, they are only numbered sequentially as midi tracks. I can’t see the reason for this numbering as it bears no relation to midi channel numbers.

So, where can I see the list of tracks with the midi channel numbers in a list without laboriously going through the inspector of each midi track? (I sometimes need to find if I have doubled midi channels, etc)

In the picture you can see the midi track numbers ascending sequentially. They bear no relation to the actual midi channel.

Correct, the Track Numbers bear no relation to the MIDI Channel numbers. That’s because they uniquely number the channels be they MIDI, Instrument, Audio, whatever.

And yes you can easily configure the Track display to show the MIDI Channel Numbers on each track. But I’m gonna let you discover how to do that in the OPs Manual. I think you’d be well served by having a better working relationship with the documentation. :wink:

How to find a “midi channel list” is not directly indicated in the manual. Finding or seeing a midi channel list is not found in the section MIDI Realtime Parameters and MIDI Effects.
No option to show the list of midi channels is available in Preferences and a search in logical edit seems inappropriate.
According to the section Midi Tracks, the midi track numbers are shown in the mix console, but they are not the actual midi channels. The mixconsole just follows the track numbers.
In Midi Track Controls, a number of options are presented most of which are not currently visible. Finding and clicking on the cog wheel at the bottom showed an option for showing the midi channel number.
Other search possibilities were abandoned at this point so I do not know if there is a dedicated midi channel column as in older Cubase editions, though it looks like it has been discontinued. A dedicated beginners section would be helpful.
Total time searching for this particular item, 75 minutes.

You’re getting very warm.

Not sure what you mean by “midi channel list” beyond the list of the numbers 1 to 16 that you can set as a midi channel number. That’s the only list of midi channels that exists. Or needs to for that matter.

That’s it I take it. The midi channel numbers are shown in the track midi channel info (if that’s the name).
For example, the midi channel number of “desc horn leg” (top, see pic) can be seen as 15, and all the other midi channel numbers for the other instruments can be seen at the same time.