Where is the "midi controller input to automation tracks" op


i went from Cubase 4 & 5 to Cubase 6, and I’m missing the “midi controller input to automation tracks” option in the MIDI / Preferences menu:

(Cubase 4)

How do I do to send the signal of my midi fader directly into a midi automation track? In C4&5, when I moved my midi fader on my controller, it also moved the fader of the midi track in Cubase at the same time.

In Cubase 5 and later, this has been “expanded”. There is now a separate setup for it…
MIDI Menu>“CC Automation Setup”. (click on the Help icon, bottom-left of that window, for more detailed explanation of it, or pg.241 of the Cubase 6 Operation manual)

Thanks Vic it worked exactly as I wanted.