Where is the mixer in 7.0.4?? (no, isn't a joke! It's gone!)

Take a look:

I did a fresh install of Cubase 7 64 bits(in a refreshed windows 8 64 bits) then update it to 7.0.4.

First I recorded some tracks (without enter the mixer) then When I opened the mixer, the racks didn’t appear, now well as you saw, nothing appears!!!

I tried rebooting again, closing and open again cubase, connecting a second monitor and nothing.

If a open a new project, the mixer appear again, but well I have a big job coming up this monday, recording (non stop) during 8 hours, I can’t afford lost the mixer in the middle of the job :frowning:

Ps: I don’t know if its important but the project is 3 hours long.

Have you installed the updates as “admin”(right click on exe-file when installing)?

Yes I did, I uninstalled everything and re-installed just in case and nothing…

A friend told me to try with the layout (shift-F2) and select/deselect options that it worked in 7.0.2. tried and got the faders back, but no racks!


It’s like the racks don’t ever render…

Looks like the problem is with the racks!
see this gif: http://i.imgur.com/aIisjQK.gif

Is there any way to “reset” them?

Maybe I need to open other topic about specifically about the racks ?