Where is the next increment of Cubase 9?

Cubase 9 has a lots of features old and new that feel unfinished and unrefined along with bugs all of which I thought would have been long cleaned up before now. C9 is 9 or 10 months old now

3 months since the 9.0.20 build. No news about 9.0.30.

In terms of customer relations, FAIL.

Why the secrecy? Are we supposed to be grateful for the lack of information about updates? I’m not certain that there’ll be a 9.0.30.

I’ve got it now. They’ll be a flashy banner on the Steinberg web site announcing the release of the latest version - 9.5. The best version since the last best version. ‘Our most complete DAW ever’?? You’re either complete, or you’re not. You don’t add to ‘complete’. I suspect the marketing department insisted on ‘Period’ at the end.

Yeh, I’m having a bad day, but please Steinberg, get a grip.

It’s my hope that it’s taking more time because they are re writing code to fix the gui issues. :slight_smile:

As long as we get Loopmash 4.5 I’m happy. :open_mouth:


agree with you guys. Lack of information, endless wait for bug fixes while introducing new ones, really bringing the party down :frowning:
adding poor customer support and almost zero feedback from devs on top. Not cool
I used to be a big Steinberg fanboy, protecting it on forums so on… and now I’m moving to the dark side. And I’m not alone.

The next update probably wont be released until the new video engine is considered stable in Cubase 9. They’re also likely busy fixing some urgent issues in Nuendo 8 that popped up in a couple of user setups.

Assuming that there wont be a 9.0.30 after only 3 months (after they released 9.0.20 two! months earlier than usual) is completely ridiculous. It’s still only the middle of the year.

Isn’t the usual cycle a release of the .5 version in the fall?


I’d rather they take their time and get it right. Cubase 9.0.2 has been pretty stable for me.

You need to read my post again. I don’t assume anything. I said I’m not certain that they’ll be a 9.0.30, based on the lack of information from Steinberg.

You think August is the middle of the year? Each and every day I learn something new.

My guess would be certain things are confidential for marketing/competition purposes. If they announce there will be a 9.0.3 the next question is “when.” Then the next question is “whats included?” And what if either a feature improvement or a bug fix was intended, but dropped at the last minute which happens often? You get angry customers who read “promises” that were not followed through.

I’m pretty sure there will be another update before the .5 release which historically has been early December.

The exact middle day of the year is July 1 or 2. It’s only been a month since.

In any case your reaction is still baseless considering that they were actually ahead of the usual schedule by releasing the .20 update in April. It’s usually released in June, while the .30 update tends to be released in September. If they don’t release 9.0.30 by October then feel free to demand some communication from them, but I think it’s pretty clear that any delays are being caused by the new video engine.

The literal answer to the question I believe is - Germany. :wink: