Where is the On-Startup menu?

According to the (out of date) user manual supplied with N6.5, the On-Startup pop-up menu is on the Preferences/General page, but the only relevant option there is ‘’ Open Last Project on Start up’.

I would like to use different options in different situations, as described in the user manual (page 62 in the English version).

Am I looking in the wrong place?

Does anyone know where the On Startup menu is?

Anyone at Steinberg?


Héhé … that’s funny.
Indeed, the manual is not correct.
Nice find.



This is a perfect example of why there should be a proper, UPDATED user manual for this most-recent, paid-for, release (N6.5).

The idea that it would be acceptable for a pro piece of software to be supplied with just the user manual from the previous version is beyond belief.

Not only does it not contain the new features in N6.5, it clearly seems to describe features that are no longer in the software! - It’s just a confusing, inaccurate mess. A joke.

@ Steinberg -If you want to confuse and p**s off your users, and at the same time increase your support burden, you are certainly going the right way about it by not bothering to keep the documentation up-to-date. You made a good start by going over to a PDF user manual which is easy to update, but then not bothering to do so shows very little care for your customers. In my view, an unreliable user manual seriously undermines a user’s perception of any product.

In order to avoid future confusion and further time-wasting, perhaps somebody from Steinberg could now let us know which other features in the previous version’s user manual are not in fact available in N6.5.

May I suggest that there needs to be a better policy towards such important documentation - The update notes are OK, but the new features and changes made in any new version really do need to be included in a product’s full user manual as well.