WHERE Is The PRESET Browser?

Capture #1.JPG
I built a new Windows 10 x64 computer … and installed PadshopPro x64 and Zero Gravity. My DAW is Reaper x64.

There is no problem with the Sample Browser … but there is no Preset Browser at the bottom of the PadshopPro window (under the keyboard) as there was when I was using PadshopPro x32 in Windows Vista. Instead … the Preset Browser is shown in the window containing PadshopPro … and it lists the presets in one huge list … and their corresponding sound set is not identified … so it’s a pain to determine which sound set I’m working with. See the attachment and it should be clear.

Anyone have any ideas of how to get the Preset Browser back and located under the keyboard as it was previously?



To be honest, I’ve never seen a preset browser at the bottom of padshop, so this could have been specific to Vista or Reaper.

Do you have Windows Aero enabled? I know a lot of people disable this to save processor usage, but the new Cubase for instance can only work with Aero enabled. This might be affecting the plugin as well.