where is the previous update installer?

Title says it all

I’m looking for the one before …10 - so the one between the first release and this one I think

You won’t find it on the Steinberg site. But, if you upgraded to 9.0.10 from 9.0.1 and are trying to revert to the previous version (9.0.1) you might be able to uninstall the update from your computer (you can on a PC). This is how to do it on a windows 10 PC. Hopefully it is the same/similar on a mac…

Go to where you can uninstall programs. In windows 10 it is settings>apps & features.
Scroll down to the bottom where you will see “programs and features”. Choose it.
From that screen choose “view installed updates” (it is located on the left). Choose it.
From that screen scroll to the entry for the Steinberg Cubase 9.0.10 update.
Click on that to uninstall the update.

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