Where is the Retrologue DLL located?

I would like to Run Retrolouge as a plug in , within Maschine as a VST , all of this of course is within Cubase 6.5 - i cant see the DLL , please advise - thx !

It would not help if you know the location of the Retrologue DLL, because it is a VST 3 plug-in and Machine does not support VST 3. You can send a request to Native Instruments that you would like to see VST 3 support in Machine.


That explains it. However for future reference is vst 3 not a dll format anyone , still don’t see it

it ends in .vst3

If you want to find the new plug ins (which are .VST3), they should be in this location:-

Program Files/Common Files/VST3/Steinberg/Retrologue (Pad Shop is there as well)

There isn’t much else that can deal with VST3’s though.

Ok, thanks everyone for chiming in -