Where is the Rewind button for the New Transport Feature?

So I just upgraded to Cubase 9 and trying to adjust to the new environment. I think most of the new features are pretty nice and hopefully once you’ve re-activated the blacklisted items by Sentinel you don’t have to re-do it every time you close and reopen the program. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m pretty certain that won’t happen.

I especially like the new transport feature at the bottom of the audio tracking window although I’m pretty certain that transport option existed in Cubase 8.5 as well at the top of the window as opposed to the bottom.

But I cannot seem to find where the fast forward and rewind buttons are for the transport when it is not floating. I only see the ability to go to the beginning or end of the markers.

Anyone know how you can enable the FF and rewind buttons on the embedded transport in Cubase 9? Or is it possible? :frowning:

You drag the little dots next to the transport buttons to the right and more buttons will appear. You can do this with any control that has the dotted line next to it.

Perfect! I was looking for several minutes trying to find those buttons and thought I had expanded the transport as much as it would go but you were on point.