WHERE is the RMC (Remote Control Editor) gone?

Hi friends,

I was just searching for the Remote-Control-Editor (RMC), but couldn’t find it anywhere.
Has it been discontinued or replaced by something similar?

Hi rumbero,

The manual of Pro says:
To open the Remote Control Editor, right-click the plug-in panel of the plug-in that you want to remote-control and select “Remote Control Editor”.

This works for me.

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Thanks, Guzzler,

yes, there it is, on page 699/700 in the manual. BUT: in my case the “Plugin”, which I want to remote control fromoff Cubase, is a Reason Instrument. Those can be remote controlled, because they receive Midi-Orders via ReWire.

But it’s not possible to open the RCE rightclicking one of the Reason Instruments. Do you know, if there’s another way to open it and then define rewired destinations and relate Midi-CCs to them?

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