Where is the Score Editor?

I must be having a blond moment - Score Editor is mentioned in the N6 documentation but I can not find it anywhere in the program.

Anyone know where it is?

I’m using the N6 trial version 6.0.6

I believe you need the NEK in order to get the score editor

I thought I had it! - I always had it with previous versions.

Doesn’t the N6 Trial version include that?

Unlike previous versions, NEK is embedded in the N6 installers, so you already have it, but you can’t use it unless you buy the NEK license. Also there is no trial version of NEK available.
If you wish to try the score editor of NEK, you might like to download a trial version of Cubase 7 and check it there, because the score editor in C7 is exactly the same as the one in NEK.


Thanks for that.

I think I’ll wait until I decide to go with N6 or stay with N5.5.6