Where is the secondary time format (Cubase 11)?


I don’t know what Steinberg was thinking, but when making music you want to see the bars in the editor, but also an additional time display in the transport field, because after all you want to know how long the track has been. But it doesn’t seem to be possible to display both information at the same time. Only in the studio options there is a floating window, which unfortunately is not integrated anywhere in the overall window management.

Any tips?

And a heavy criticism for the window management in general:
It’s really sub-par. Maybe it would be smarter to redesign all window elements as “dockable”, so that you simply put together your own window layout.


Providing that the Time displays element is ticked in the Transport bar setup, maybe it’s just a matter of redimensioning them - with the three vertical points just on the right of the primary time display - to make appear the second one…

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Thanks for the hint. It’s really hidden :frowning:

Hello, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask my question. I use my Cubase in a Church setting so we do not use it very often so you all are already way over my head. But, what I am experiencing and it is an all of a sudden thing is: my record time is like a hundred hours, but the main body of the cubase screen all of a sudden only shows me like 10 minutes. Where it used to show me 2 hours or more. So being able to edit beyond the 10 minute mark is almost impossible. I know that I just clicked on something that I shouldn’t have but I am unable to find what that was. Do any of you have a thought of what it is? Thank you in advance for your time.