Where is the Sequencer???

Forgive my newbie question but where do I access the pattern Sequencer, it is not immediately obvious to me lol.
This is for Cubasis on the Ipad. Thank you. I saw It before but I forgot how :cry:

Hi WingKigu,

Thanks for your message and welcome to Cubasis!

Are you looking for the MIDI editor to create notes via tap?

  • If so, please “draw” a MIDI part on a MIDI track in the arranger
  • Double tap the part to open it in the MIDI editor for further editing

Please learn more about the MIDI editor in Cubasis’ in-app help:

Please follow these links to access all available tutorial videos for Cubasis, that should be helpful to learn more about the app and its features:


Also the Cubasis LE song creation tutorials (although created for the smaller app version) might be helpful to get things started the quickest possible way:


Hope that helps.

Best wishes,