where is the serial number ? UR 824

Hi, I looked around my UR 824 but all the numbers i tried don’t seem to work to activae my hardware on the website…Because they it says everywhere it should be on an usb licenser, but I didn’t have any in the bow when I bought my UR824. Myabe I just didn’t find the serial number on the machine yet ? Is it…Inside ?

UR824 comes with Cubase AI and Cubasis LE included. Here is the procedure to register and activate Cubase AI:

  1. Create an My Steinberg account

  2. register UR824 (click on “Register hardware”)

  3. When you register the correct serial number, Steinberg will add activation codes and download links in your account. Download and install Cubase AI if you want.

  4. To be able to run Cubase AI, download and install elicenser software

  5. Insert the activation code for Cubase AI
    See this video:

  6. Open Cubase AI to see if it works.