Where is the Tempo Recorder Slider ?????

I’ve read about and seen a picture of a Tempo Recorder Slider/Fader button that allows recording tempo variations in real time. I have Cubase 7 Artist. Is it in there ?

Because I’ve looked high and low in my Tempo Track and in the Tempo Track Button in the Inspector and it is no where to be found. HELP !

I am trying to gradually alter tempo of all 5 MIDI tracks. Does it only work with audio tracks and is it only present if you have audio tracks ?

And BTW when I try to adjust tempo by curve drawing it only affects the first two of the five MIDI tracks, shortening or lengthening their parts as i move the line up and down without affecting the length of the other tracks which remain stationary.

How do you make the curve you are drawing affect all 5 MIDI tracks ?

I have not found anything on the manual about this Tempo Recorder Slider other than it says it exists but for the life of me I cannot find it .

Any help ?

Thanks, Bob

i’m not sure about Cubase 7 Artist but cubase has Tempo Recorder Slider it allows you to record tempo changes “on the fly”: to raise or lower the tempo at the desired positions. see manua; pg 610, 615.

Found out the slider is only in the Pro version, NOT Artist.