Where is the v8 update installer?

I just updated my eLicense and started the complete v8 9.1GB download.

I have read that there is a smaller download file for updating a v7.5 install.

I think I’d like to use the 9.1GB download for possible use if/when I build a new DAW, and I’d like to use the smaller update option for adding Cubase v8 to my current DAW.

I assume any VST, and VSTi will be installed in the same place that Cubase 7.5 installed them, while my primary interest is the hope of not ending up with duplicate sound library material after the update process.

Does anyone have any info to share?

Thank You!

check your shop account in your : “Confirmation of your order XXXXXX in the Steinberg Online Shop” mail if u bought the update version, u can find the download links in it

I have the same problem, i downloaded the 8 update from 7.5 on mac, but the download failed towards the end. Went to go back and re-download it but the option of the update for mac is now gone and only windows is available in my window.

Anyone else had a problem?

Thanks for the info.

I am so new to Cubase that I was able to use the Grace Period upgrade to v8. Maybe that is why I only see a link to the 9.1GB installer.

Thank You!

The downloads from Asknet (Online Shop) do not support download managers. If the Mac Option is not available anymore you will need to contact the Support directly. The download attempts from the Shop are limited. Alternatively just use the full installers via MySteinberg.