Where is the VST Bass Amp?

I can’'t find the new VST Bass Amp plugin in the N7 Trial version.

Where is it?, or does it not exist in the Trial version?

It lives under “Distortion” here…strange place for it though.

Thanks. A strange place indeed.

Distortion category makes sense. You can always start typing the name of a plugin to show it rather than attempting to find it manually.

In what universe?

I take it you plug your distorter into your distortion and a lovely bass sound comes out.

It’s the category used by nearly every other plug-in developer and you’re typically adding distortion characteristics to the sound.

What would you suggest?

Maybe Amps for a starter. Or, amplifier, Or in this case, Bass Amps/amplifiers. Even “Stuff that makes guitar noises” makes way more sense.
I could go on and on but I think I’ve made my point, and I would only be making myself laugh.

Agreed. :laughing: