Where is this insert channel?

Hi, i’m at a loss to find this in my inspector i’m on cubase 6.5 help much appreciated


Perhaps this helps
Or i didn’t get your question.

Cheers Bassbase

Hi, in my inspector there is no insert tab like in the screenshot1 only midi insert tab and send any idea how to enable it? it’s driving me mad atm nthanks

Right-click in a blank area of the Inspector (not too low down), to open the pop-up where you choose which modules will be visible for that track class.

Could you upload a screenshot from your cubase perhaps than i might help its hard not know what you see, to give a solution.
I Think maybe its just a small thing

Thanks, i’ll do that but basically it is like the screenshot which i have attached to my post but missing the insert slot…

Would be still interesting :wink:
Did you load your vst via F11 the vstrack`?

Hi just snipped image, i already tried right clicking inspector area but i does not give me that option! no i have never F11 loaded anything before, this is something i have never used before…


So its simply open audioinserts :wink:

But looks to me as a vst loaded via f11 and miditrack routed to it.

If you right clik where your miditracks are and make a new instrument track you will find the midi and the normal insert.


Thanks’ i have only automated externally till now like my Virus C or used JX-8v3 to control my JX8P etc so feel a bit silly but happy at the same time! Thanks for assisting me it is much appreciated!

Thanks again i know have the normal insert slot…

No problem your welcome

No master is fallen yet from the sky as we say in german.
Or all ways begin with small steps :wink:

Glad to can help that easy

Cheers Bassbase