where is trial Halion Symphonic Orchestra?

I really don’tknow how to install this symphonic VST in Cubase 6
I am pissed off, because Steinberg is not userfiriendly with this installation
Is the HAlion VST symphonic a new Halion Vst…so it replaces the default Halion Se in Cubase
Nothing to read about it…stupid software…Cubase crap

Run the installer?

No. Instead it adds the sounds TO Halion SE.

This is also on the Halion Symphonic Orchestra DVD and is accessible two ways:

  1. Click “Open Documentation Folder” in the Start center then open the file.
  2. Browse to (on the DVD) Additional Content -> Documentation

If you’re having too many problems, have you tried contacting support?

Thanks for your help!
It is is really disappointing how Steinberg explains how you can use the trial version of Halion symphonic in Cubase 6.5
I recently bought cubase 6.5, but i cannot get the software working, because the procedure how the trial version exactly works in Cubase is not described in full detail
It is a lack of information to user of Cubase from Steinberg of how it exactly works and i am afraid that working with the expression maps is also not enough documented by Steinberg.
Well it took almost a day to try to get Cubase working and it still is not working… really no fun anymore

Halion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set Operation Manual page 10 (I linked to it in my last post).
Halion Sonic SE documentation (on the Cubase DVD).

Cubase Operation Manual Chapter 32 (begins on page 420, also on the Cubase DVD).

I took so much time yesterday that i was frustrated that i could not install Cubase with the trial version Halion symphonic Vst

  • i do have the 2 licenses for cubase and Trial Halion Symphonic Orchestra on the USB Licencer ( Date : 2012-08-05: that means till 5 august )
  • i installed Cubase and the soundcontent of the trial VST symphonic on the rootdisk of my computer ( i do 3 harddisks with partioned logical stations )
    But Trial Halion Symphonic i don’t see yet in Cubase 6.5 (64 bit), when i start up Cubase now.

I am really excited about the score and the VST expressions features and much more in Cubase 6.5, because there is so much functionality and the program looks great, but right now no Halion Vst orchestra 1.x/VST Sound Instrument Set to see
Well i will study your points…yes media bay!.. probably i must there make a path to the content of the Halion symphonic trial there?..is it showing there up the content already?

Hi @ all,


  1. HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Instrument Set 16bit Trial is only available in the HALion Sonic Se, HALion Sonic or
    HALion 4


I attached a screenshot where you find it

Still searching how to connect the VSTi symphonic trial version in Cubase 6.5
Cannot believe that it is that hard to install the Symphonic VSt in HAlion SE in Cubase 6.5
Where it goes wrong ?
I bought Cubase 6.5, but cannot use it

Thanks Marcus!

But there is no Library Name to see ?
So i must make my own library in Cubase 6.5 for the Halion SE …to start withthe baic set sounds? …and later on for the symphonic VST?

Really a mess how to install the halion SE symphonic

Press shift and F2 to edit the HALion Sonic Mediabay.

Edit one of the columns to Library Name.

That’s currently the problem …How to do that…because it are existing columns…or i do misssing something ?
I am forced to study the manual
Ok i added the library name by trial and error but the Halion Symphonic is showing up in the internal halion media bay itself ( not in the external media bay) , but no symphonic Halion se to see…
So probably i must set this further up in the external media bay …crap

It is shame and disgusting how Steinberg this promote: "you can easily unlock the trial version …
But they don’t explain how it it really must…i must figure this out here on the forum
I am really angry …

You have had installation issues.

Perhaps you should consider uninstalling everything and reinstalling everything (Cubase 6.5, HSO VST set)?

This will not affect the licenses on your e-licenser.

Well finally i arrived at the same picture you enclosed for the Halion Symhonic orchestra

Thanks your help i managed to install this symphonic orchestra!
It is not documented by Steinberg …so i am really angry on those people at Steinberg with their not userfriendly documentation…crap

A waste of my valuable time and frustration and irritation, because at Steinberg they are too lazy to do their work