Where oh where did my content go?

I have been trying to install Cubase 10 Pro for 4 days without success.

It seems as if the download assistant does not install any content with my installation of Cubase 10 Pro. The basic program itself installs without issue.

I have spent endless hours over the last 4 days in search of an answer. I have downloaded and installed and uninstalled at least 4 times.

Some of the plugins ( Halion, Groove agent, Retrologue, etc.) did not install when I ran the installation. None of the additional content ( loops, samples etc) installed either. They were downloaded and included in the zip file, they just did not install.

Any and all suggestions gratefully accepted.


HP laptop 1 gb HDD 128 gb ram Win10 Home

Just to make sure you are not confusing plugins that are included with Cubase to the ones you need to purchase separately…

The plugins you listed are the full versions that you have to purchase separately. Did the plugins that come with Cubase (Halion Sonic SE, Groove Agent SE, Retrologue 2) install?

Also… you should delete your double post for this same topic before someone replies to it:

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Thank you for the response. The duplicate post has been removed.

I was referring to the plugins that are included with Cubase. They did not install. Nor did the content included for them install.

The install file from the download assistant come in a zip file. There are three files in this zip file. Cubase 10.msi a pdf file, cubase msi and setup. exe. There is also a folder called “aditional content” Within that folder there are three sub folders “copy protection” “installer” and “VST sound”

The installer folder contains the plugins (se version) I mentioned. They are msi files but can be installed. The VST sound folders contains numerous sub folders with the sound samples etc are.

The plugins can be installed from the installer folder but it does not install the sound content.

None of these plugins or additional content is installed when running the “setup.exe” file.

I hope that is not too confusing.


ChuckBd, what are your system specs? I don’t understand " HP laptop 1 gb HDD 128 gb ram Win10 Home"

Not exactly sure what you mean.

It is an i 7 HP laptop. The hard drive is 1 gigabyte, It has 128 gigabyte of random access memory. The operating system is Windows 10 Home version.

Is there more that you need?

Thanks for replying


That’s not possible :wink:

Maybe its 128gb hard drive and 1 gb ram? But that’s pretty unlikely to say the least.

Can you run the HP Support Assitant from the Start Menu? That will show you the complete and accurate info.

My mistake … it is a 1 terabye hdd and 16 gb of ram.

How does that affect whether or not the content installed?

Open Steinberg Library Manager and if possible take a screen shot and attach it to your reply.

  • What items are listed?
  • If you click on “Details” what is displayed?

essentially there is nothing in the Library Manager as shown in the attached screenshot

Can you go to this folder and show the file listing in Details View? What I’m doing is figuring out what has been downloaded, but not installed.


You can use the Run dialog in Windows to do so, hit Win+R and paste the path above into the dialog

the content was downloaded, It was not installed

As described above, The files came down in a zip file.

Screen shots as requested attached.

Thank you for taking time to help with this
additional content folder.png
Installer folder.png
Cubase 10 Folder.png

additional screen shot

What is the file browser you’re using? Can’t you use Windows File Explorer? Please don’t crop the images so close, I want to look at what you see, including the file paths.

If it were my machine, I would extract all files manually and try to install using the individual setup executables.

I did that already. the plugins will install … the content does not install

The file browser is Directory Opus

The file paths are directly above the file listings

Ehh those files are inside a zip, unzip before install

thanks peakae … I did unpack the zip before I installed

Then why are all the pictures showing all the files being in a zip file ?

The content is installed by the Steinberg Library manager. Unzip the files and double click one.