Where oh where did my content go?

there is nothing in the Library Manager. See the attached screen shot a few posts up

Thanks for the thought though

peakea that is it came and is what the original person to help. Steve, asked for

Did you


I did … I am going to reformat my drive and start over again.

Thank you all for your help, it is greatly appreciated!

Alls well that ends well.

Besides being a bit time consuming, I have a brand new installation of Win10.
AND Cubase has installed properly including all plugins AND the missing content I experienced earlier.

A Heart felt thank you to everyone who added to the dialogue in an attempt to help. It is very MUCH APPRECIATED!!



This is happening to me too. It’s driving me insane. Steinberg first decides to make 2 programmes which have partial overlap between their functions (i.e. they can both move files for you), with default location settings for files different for each. Very confusing…

So, we have 1) Steinberg Download Assistant, and 2) Steinberg Library Manager. I download Halion Sonic SE 3 Pro & Groove Agent SE 5 along with Cubase 11 Pro using the Download Assistant. All their “Content” files are dumped inside my Windows Downloads folder. Of course, I will need to move these files to where ever they’re needed on my computer, but where?!?!?!

In trying to track down Halion & Groove Agent designated folders, I find that these files are scattered are all over my computer; e.g. I have folders for these in 1) Downloads, 2) Program Files, Common Files, 3) Program Files, Steinberg, 4) Program Files (x86), Common Files, 5) Program Files, Steinberg, 6) ProgramData, 7) Documents, etc etc etc. (and that’s not even beginning to talk about subsidiary folder pathways of the above mentioned, of which there many.)

So I have literally hundreds of Cubase & Steinberg instrument associated files spread over the width & bredth of my computer, because Steinberg insists on being as untidy as is imaginably possible, & I have no idea where to place all these files currently dumped in my Downloads folder.

If someone can help me abandon ideas of jumping off the southern British cliffs of Beachy Head, & help me to psychologically recover, I would be extremely appreciative.