Where should I get my drum loops?

My Sonic requirements are minimal. I’m looking for 16 bit or 24 bit wave files. I would like to ensure that the recordings are of a quality nature. With that said, what bundles and manufacturers do you use and suggest? I’m looking for rock, country and blues loops.

I’ve noticed that most larger bundles seem to come with various formats loaded. If I could find somebody providing 16 or 24 bit wave files only that would be even better, but not required. I’m looking for the most bang for the Buck.

Thanks for the help,

Hi, I would recommend you use Groove Agent Nashville sound set:


They work with groove agent, you simply drag the patterns to the project window to create your drum track.
In the long run you will get more out of these sound sets than audio loops.

Unfortunately the new VST packs do not work with a version of Groove agent below 4 and my version of Cubase, Cubase 5, uses grove agent one.

What is your intended use? I recommend a VSTi such as Toontrack’s EZdrummer over audio loops. So much more you can do both creatively and sonically. Wow, Cubase 5 … Studio 5 was my first real introduction to Cubase and DAWs in general. 5 was great. But, man, that’s some pretty old software at this point.

Loops are for losers! :mrgreen:

First, I would like to thank everyone for their suggestions.

My involvement and use of Cubase goes back to when it came on floppy disks. I believe it was Cubase score that was my first purchase. I upgraded once or twice, but once I reached Cubase 5 pro I realized that this version and my interest in recording had peaked. I do not do any recording on a professional level, it’s all done in my bedroom for my own enjoyment, thus, staying current is not really a necessity. Regardless of its age, I am still able to do everything that I want and expect to with cubase 5. I know this restricts me to a certain degree and does not allow me to use newer software that might prove to be incompatible. My days of supporting steinberg and upgrading to newer versions is long behind me. Version 5 does everything I need. With that said, I try and search out software that will be compatible and as cost effective as possible.

To answer your question about what my intended use is, it will be very limited, to be honest agent one is probably more than I need. But I do like to have an assortment of grooves to work with. It doesn’t have to be that in depth, but I do like some variety. I will take your advice regarding VSTs over loops and see where that takes me