Where Should The Control Room Main Volume Knob Be Set?

My Apollo is in the RED constantly if I keep it at zero, where are you guys setting it?


I have it at zero, but I also have Sonarworks Reference on the Control room in which I lower the level a few dB.
If it bothers you, just decrease the level by a few dB until it’s not in the red any more.

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Yeah if I put it at zero the meters on the UAD Apollo are pegged, may have to ask on the UAD forum. Thx!

I set mine so that when the Control Room knob is set to zero the sound coming out of my speakers is pretty much (subjectively) at the maximum loudness I would normally listen to. Day to day it typically hangs out in the -8 to -14 range. Like @fese I use SonarWorks to pad the sound down a bit.