Where the HECK is Key Command FILE!! Mac OSX

I REALLY need to transfer my app preferences and key commands from my personal user account on my new Mac Pro to another user account. My customizations I cannot find are as follows:

(1) Key Commands
(2) Cubase Customizations
(3) Customized Project Templates

PLEASE: I need help on this ASAP, because support is slow to get back to me.


They are in your User/Library folder which is “hidden” on Macs. To access:

From the desktop, choose Go in the top menu.

Choose Go to folder and enter: ~/Library

This will temporarily open the library folder. From there drill down to Cubase/Presets. Files are located there.

More on the hidden Library folder - http://osxdaily.com/2011/07/22/access-user-library-folder-in-os-x-lion/

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Awesome!! Thanks man!! That worked for the key commands!

A couple of related tips based on the Go menu:
Hold down Option when clicking on the Go menu, and the Library folder will appear.

Or start off using the previously mentioned Go to Folder. Once the Library folder appears, drag it to the Finder window side bar so it’s always there.

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hi, i followed all steps u guys mentioned. but i cant see Cubase folder in library folder? may i know where to find it?


It’s in the Library/Preferences folder. It’s a different Library folder than the one in your main hard drive. Do this and you will see it:

(From your Mac desktop) hold down Option when clicking on the Go menu, and the proper Library folder will appear.

Got it… Thank u so much… can u teach me how to move this folder to the favourite bar? or make a shortcut to this folder? im still new to mac osx… Thanks

To make the personal Library folder always visible…

From the OS X Finder, pull down the “Go” menu and choose “Home”.

Then pull down the “View” menu and choose “Show View Options”

Near the bottom of the View Options settings list, check the box for “Show Library Folder”

For easy access, drag the Library folder to the Favorites List on the side bar when you have your hard drive open.

got it…Thank u very much~~~

In case anyone has an issue finding the KeyCommands folder again in the future on Mac OS, the actual directory path in the hidden library is as follows:

Library/Preferences/Cubase 9/Presets/KeyCommands/

You will see all your specifically named key command files there.

I got lost again and it too me nearly an hour finding the file again. It’s confusing because in the Cubase 9 (or 8) folder there’s a Key Commands.xml file, but you have to drill deeper into the"Presets" folder and Key Commands folder. SMDH… :confused:


yes, and like very smart people in this thread already posted: don’t forget to keep the OPTION/ALT key pressed at all times when navigating in finder;

in FINDER go to GO (in the menu) but while holding the ALT option pressed
then navigate to
PREFERENCES (remember to keep the option key pressed at all times)

voila, there you are, copy paste your precious xml file,
or do as I do drag it into a mail to yourself and you’re safe for importing it on a rainy day…

hope this helps, oh one more thing…

→ if you ever solve an issue yourself,
please remember to come back to this forum

take time to post it here,

like all the nice people above in this thread

it happened to me hundreds of times that I was too stupid to solve something and gratefully nice fellow music makers here took time to write the answer on this forum and my misery was over, thank you all - that’s so nice…

We all can help each other to save more time to compose music instead of doing technical troubleshooting :slight_smile:


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