Where the heck is the Chord editing tool?

The chord track is a powerful tool and like a good boy I’m reading the manual so’s I can use it properly but for the life of me I can not find the chord editing “thing” that is on page 492 of the manual…it says it’s in the chord editing section of the inspector…I just can’t find it!!
it’s one of 2 things…either I’m just too stupid to even consider reading the manual (most likely I’m sure)
or…see the last sentence…

can anyone tell me where it is please…thank you…Kevin

also while I’m here…is it possible to change the key of the whole project using the chord track?

thanks to anyone for helping.

The inspector in the Key Editor?

Hi Steve and thanks for looking in…I’m on page 492 of the manual at the “inserting and editing chords with the chord editing tools” and there is a picture of a chord editing “thingy” that I just can not find…I really must be stupid…

cheers, Kevin

Hi Kevin,

open the key editor and on the inspector (left hand side) click on the tab “Chord Editing”. If you don’t have that tab visible, right click on an empty space of the inspector and enable it.


Ok thanks for that, I didn’t realise the instructions where still in the key editor…I’m looking at the inspector in the project…this confirms that I am actually stupid…thanks again…Kevin